Sell Your House Fast Albuquerque (Video)

How to Sell Your House FAST in 2023 (That Nobody is Talking About)
Sell your house in five days
Attention house sellers, sell your house in five days for full market value without doing any repairs.

A little known secret
In this video, I am going to share with you a little known secret. A secret that will expose the fraud committed by most real estate investment companies, and show you how to make an extra $10,000 or more, when selling your house fast to an investor, just by contacting the right people.

There are over 100 different real estate investment companies in our area, and believe me, the majority of them will try to rip you off. You could easily get offers from five different investors thinking you’re going the extra mile to get the best price, but still end up selling your house for 10, 20, or even $30,000 less than you could or should have.

After seeing three, four, or even five low-ball offers, you could start to think these low-ball offers are just the going rate, when in fact, every one of those offers were investors that were just trying to steal your house for a low-ball price. But after watching this video, you’ll have all the info you need to make sure that will never happen to you.

I’ve been buying and flipping houses for over eight years. I’ve bought houses that were nearly falling down. I’ve bought houses that I’ve added a second story to. I bought houses that I gutted down to the studs and rebuilt like new. And of course, I’ve bought houses that just needed simple cosmetic renovations. And through this experience, I’ve gotten to know a lot of my competitors and how they conduct their business. I’ll show you how they structure their business, and I guarantee it will shock you.

Most real estate investment companies don’t even buy houses. That’s right, you heard me correctly. And I’ll repeat it just so you know that you heard it right. Most real estate investment companies don’t even buy houses. In fact, there are over five imposter companies to every one real investment company. And I’m not even talking about the small guys. Even the most well-known real estate investors in the area, are imposters.

This is a big deal for someone like you trying to sell their house for a fair price because there is a good chance you won’t get a fair price from most of the companies out there. If you hadn’t found this video, you could have easily had the same experience as Jenny.

Jenny got laid off. She lost her job and, with it, lost her income. Since Jenny was the only income-producer for her family of four, losing her job was a big deal. To make matters worse, the job that she lost was a really high-paying job. It paid for the expensive mortgage payments for a large house. A house is plenty large enough for her husband and two children. The house was nearly 3,000 square feet and had four beds and three baths.

With her job gone, the bills were piling up. And with no savings to speak of, Jenny had some serious decisions to make. She was going to have to sell the house that her family had called home for nearly 10 years. Just to make ends meet, she would have to move her family out of town and live with relatives until she could find a new job. With no other options left, Jenny knew she had to sell her house and do it fast before the next mortgage bill was due in four weeks.

Not to mention, her only savings was locked up in the equity of her home. She needed that cash to buy groceries and other basic necessities. But selling the house wasn’t going to be easy because the house was a mess. Jenny’s husband, Billy, had a bone disease preventing him from working, so up to this point, he had spent most of his time at the house taking care of the kids.

If you have kids, you know what I mean when I say they are rough on a house, and these kids were no different. They drew on walls, spilled their juice on the carpet, and didn’t clean up their messes. With the kids running wild in the house for several years, the house showed plenty of wear. Wallpaper ripped on the walls, marker drawings on the paint, and stains all over the carpet.

To top it all off, Jenny and Billy had two cats and a dog. And when you came to visit Jenny and Billy’s house, you knew they had cats the second you walked in the front door. The house had a strong cat stench to it, probably from the cats peeing around the house to mark their territory. Who would buy a house in this kind of condition and with that kind of smell?

So Jenny did what anyone would do, and turned to Google for answers. She typed in, “Sell my house fast,” and started browsing websites. As she visited website after website, she realized there were a lot of real estate investment companies in the area willing to buy her house fast. It provided temporary relief to her heavy reality. She asked several investors to give her a price.

As the investors showed up at the house and started submitting offers, Jenny was surprised at how low the offers were, 300,000, 305,000, 315,000. While these offers may seem high for a house in this kind of shape, they were low for Jenny’s neighborhood. The house down the street had just sold for $465,000 a few months ago. And while that house was bigger and had just been renovated, Jenny still thought her house would sell for more than 315,000.

Luckily, Jenny stumbled upon our website and gave us a call. I gave Jenny an offer to buy her house with cash for $330,000 and close in five days. So Jenny was sitting $15,000 better off within 10 minutes of meeting me. But before we were done, I helped Jenny sell her house for $380,000, putting an extra $50,000 in her pocket that she badly needed.

So how did I get Jenny’s house sold for 380,000? I’ll get back to that in a minute, but first, don’t you want to know why I called all those other real estate investment companies frauds?

Why is it that I could offer Jenny $330,000 for her house when the other companies she called would only pay 300 to 315,000? Because I actually buy houses. I’m a real investor. I buy the houses, fix them up with my own crews, list them with my own real estate agency, and sell them for a modest profit. There are no middlemen when you do business with me.

These other three companies that Jenny talked to were wholesale companies. They don’t even buy houses. They pretend to buy houses. They tell people they buy houses, but after they get a house under contract, if you pay attention, the real truth starts to come out. After they get a house under contract, but before they close on it, they start marketing to the real investors in town.

They parade investor after investor through your house until they find the highest bidder. They use the fact that you don’t know about investors like me, against you. They’ll get a house like Jenny’s under contract for 315,000 or even less, and then turn around and put it under contract with an investor like me for 330,000.

So who pockets the 15,000 or even more? You guessed it, the fake real estate investor who sells the house to a real investor at the same time they buy it from someone like you. Most sellers don’t even know their house is being resold in the room next door at the same time they are selling it to an investor. The worst part is, people like Jenny really need that extra 15,000. They are on tough times and can’t afford to be taken advantage of by a wholesaler posing to be a real investor.

In Jenny’s case, I did her one better and I got her an extra $50,000 at closing. Everyone’s situation is different, but in Jenny’s case, we found a way for her to pay the bills for six weeks without closing on the house. In that time, I cleaned her house up with my own crews and my own money. I put it on the market and I found a family to buy it before Jenny ran out of time and money.

If I would have failed to find a retail buyer in time, Jenny knew she always had my $330,000 quick close offer to back upon. We found a buyer who paid 380,000 and closed just in time. After paying for the realtor fee, Jenny still made an extra $50,000. Don’t get ripped off. Call an actual real estate investment company and get a real fail fair offer on your home.

I wish I had the money to buy everyone’s house who has to close quickly, but unfortunately, I can only buy four to six houses at a time. But maybe, one of those houses can be yours. You’ll never know unless you give us a call. Call and tell us about your house. I’ll come over as soon as possible, and I’ll try my best to get you an offer today. Even if my funds are all tied up, I’ll come over to your house anyway, and help explore all your options. If I can’t help you myself, I will get you in touch with an investor who will treat you fairly.

When you sell your house to us, it’s like hitting the easy button. Here’s what a typical transaction looks like. Step one, we come to look at your house and email you an offer. Step two, with a couple of clicks on a website, you accept the offer. Step three, we sign the closing documents whenever and wherever it works best for you. We can even sign the documents at your kitchen table if you want. Step four, your mortgage is paid off and cash is wired into your bank account. Step five, you move out whenever we agreed to ahead of time, and you can stay a few weeks after closing if you need to.

There will be no appraisals, no intense inspections, no showings, and no people being paraded through your house as wholesalers do. No realtor negotiations, no back-and-forth haggling on price. None of that. And the best part is how quickly your bank account will have money in it.

Selling your house to us is almost as easy as using an ATM, except for you get to withdraw the money from your house equity, instead of a bank account. In less than a week, you can have access to the cash in your house and relieve your financial burdens. Think how good it will feel when you are able to access your home equity and have money in your bank account again. No more worrying about how to pay the bills. You’ll have the cushion you need to get some relief and get you through this part of your life.

Or maybe you just want to get rid of a problem rental property. We’ll buy the house even with a bad renter still living there. Just like that. No more headache rental property. We’ll buy your property along with all the problems that come with it. Think of how great it will feel not to worry about all the things that need repairing in your house, or if Bubba is going to pay the rent tomorrow, or if the city is going to fine you for the dead tree in the front yard, or… The list of problems you won’t ever need to worry about again go on and on. You’ll feel confident knowing that you sold your house for the best price because we cut out all the middlemen.

I don’t need to build in money for a listing agent because I’m the agent. I don’t need to build in money for a real estate brokerage. I own my own brokerage. I don’t need to build in money for the contractor. I’m a licensed general contractor. I don’t need to build in money for an investor partner. I’m the investor.

No one can afford to pay you more than I can. I’ll buy your house with cash, which will ensure that there will be no hangups from inspections required by bankers because remember, there will be no banker. I’ll close in one week so you can have your money fast. No banks mean no waiting for appraisals or red tape to sort through.

I’ll buy your house as it is, which means there’s nothing for you to fix up or clean up. In fact, you can even leave anything you don’t want behind. Just leave it sitting there in the house and I’ll take care of it from there.

Taryn, left three 30-yard dumpsters worth of trash behind when he sold me his house. The kind of dumpsters that fill up your whole driveway? Three of them. I bought Taryn’s rental property when he was in the middle of getting a divorce. He didn’t have to deal with getting the renters out, cleaning the house up, signing a bunch of realtor documents, dealing with showings, and fighting over which offer to take with his soon-to-be ex-wife. Instead, he just sold me the house and he was done with it.

I bought Linda’s house so she could downsize to a single-story condo for retirement. She left all her extra furniture behind.

I bought Bruce’s rental property. His renter, Franco, had trashed the property and hadn’t paid in over two months. To top it off, the city was sending Bruce violation letters because of the five cars his renter Franco had in the yard, which was against zoning rules. I bought Bruce’s house in less than a week. Getting rid of Franco, all the cars, and the four 30-yard dumpsters worth of trash, was no longer Bruce’s problem.

I bought Rosalie’s house in five days so she could avoid foreclosure. She stayed in the house for a couple of weeks after closing to give herself time to find a new place.

I bought Jennifer’s rental property. She had already moved out of state and was looking for an easy way to sell her rental for a fair price without having to travel back.

And the list goes on and on, but the common thread in each of these situations is that I accommodated their situation and made selling their house for a fair price a simple and easy process.

Now it’s your turn to get an offer and see how simple selling your house really can be. Our phone is staffed around the clock, so call any time. A friendly staff member will answer your call. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Getting a quote is absolutely free.

I’m on a mission to help 20 homeowners sell their house fast this year. Hopefully, you’ll be one of them. So enter your address on this page or give us a call. We’ll be in touch with an offer today. And remember, don’t be fooled into selling your house for a low-ball price to one of the many wholesalers out there pretending to be investors.

Sell your house directly to an investor and get the best price and the best experience. No fees, no commissions, no closing costs. Just the highest quick-close cash offer in town. Give me a call at 505.322.6614. Or fill out the form below…

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